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PVA Film

PVA film made from Polyvinyl Alcohol, is a versatile and biodegradable polymer material known for its water-soluble properties.  it’s used in various industries and applications. It dissolves in water, leaving no residue, making it an eco-friendly choice for packaging, particularly in single-use applications like laundry detergent pods and water-soluble sachets for chemicals . PVA film is also used in 3D printing as a support material, easily removed by soaking in water. Its biodegradability and non-toxic nature make it a sustainable option for environmentally-conscious product design and packaging solutions.

Factory Introduction

Guangzhou Pioneer Technology Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Pioneer Technology Co., Ltd.  Is a professional new material and functional film manufacturer. our development history could tracking back to 2010,  covering and area of 4500 square meters. It is located in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province.

Our company is a large supplier of PVA water-soluble film and high polymer adhesive film and metal surface protective film in China. Our main products are PVA water soluble film, Water soluble laundry bags, PVA pet waste bags, hot melt adhesive film for aluminum composite panel(ACP) , ACP protective film etc.

We can provide customized films of various width, thickness and colors. We have a number of  advanced blown production lines, casting film lines, coating lines and printing lines to support our product and capacity. Our company has an experienced production team, R&D team and customer service team to support our customers. With much experience on export our products to global customers.

We Believe new materials can bring better life!

We can be your strong production backup to produce OEM orders.Thanks for your kind attention to Pioneer.


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E418 huacheng Xiaoyuan Creative Park, Pingbu Road, Huacheng Street, Huadu District, Guangzhou, China

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Phone : + 86 131 5646 9996

Email : info@cnpioneertec.com

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MON-FRI 08:00 – 19:00

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Ask Us Anything

1. Do you have your own factory?

Yes, we are an industry and trade integrated enterprise group, and provide OEM & ODM services.

2、Can you provide customized service?

Yes, we have 17 years of customized production and sales experience, rich R & D experience, rich market resources and advanced equipment, which can meet a variety of customized needs.

3、What measures do you have to deal safely?

Our company has been operating in good faith for a long time can provide free sample, trade assurance, after-sale service and other services for you, to reduce transaction risks and relieve your worries.

4、Can I get more discount if I cooperate with you for a long time?

We hope to establish a long-term cooperation with you. We have set up a ladder discount for long-term customers. The larger the purchase volume, the longer the cooperation time, the greater the discount range.

5、 Can you provide me with logistics value-added services?

Of course, we have business relations with many large shipping and logistics companies. We can provide you with customized door-to-door, or arrival services, with reasonable and fair price, safe and high quality service.

6、Can I have a video inspection?

Yes, any time. 

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