PVA Molding Release Bag for Prosthetics Use

PVA Bags for prosthetics are water-soluble pouches used in creating prosthetic devices. They dissolve in water, simplifying the manufacturing process by eliminating the need for manual removal, resulting in precise and efficient prosthetic fabrication.


PVA (Polyvinyl Alcohol)


Upper limbs 60*13*4 CM, Lower legs 70*19*5 cm, Thighs 70*27*5cm, extend the lower leg 100*19*5cm, extend Thighs100*26*5cm



Details About PVA Molding Release Bag for Prosthetics Use

PVA (Lower legsThighs ) Bags for prosthetic (Artificial Limb Parts )use are specialized water-soluble pouches designed to create a protective barrier around prosthetic devices during manufacturing or casting processes. These bags dissolve when exposed to water, leaving behind the precisely molded prosthetic shape without the need for manual removal, simplifying the creation and finishing of prosthetic limbs. This innovative solution ensures a smooth and accurate result while reducing the hassle of removing molds, ultimately contributing to more efficient and precise prosthetic fabrication.

PVA artificial limb membrane, Utilizing the high elastic properties of linear polymer polymers in PVA membranes, it is used for prosthetic limb shaping, as a membrane for the receiving cavity, and for vacuum pumping during the production of the receiving cavity. It can separate the resin from the cavity surface, and PVA film has heat resistance (above 180 ℃) and suitable tensile strength and elasticity. When making parts using unsaturated polyester, epoxy resin, or other thermosetting resin agents, the high softness of PVA can make the PVA film adhere to the mold, increase the quality of detachment, and have good detachment, making it less prone to hair formation after detachment. For many years, we have provided convenience in the production of prosthetic orthoses. Our company has long collaborated with enterprises in Japan, Germany, and other countries to develop this product. Since its launch on the market, it has been trusted by many prosthetic orthosis manufacturers and customized films of different specifications according to customer requirements.

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